STAUCH AND PARTNERS ARCHITECT is a wholly owned Namibian architecture practice, based in Windhoek Namibia, and operates under the ownership and management of principal architect Andy Chase.

Our studio serves as a laboratory of ideas, where design solutions are tested and explored. We invest the best technology available, and our clients benefit from enjoying designs solutions by way of 3D visualizations to better get a thorough understanding of their unique design solutions.

The practice draws on a rich history of design excellence in Namibia since its beginnings in 1955.


TEAM - STAUCH AND PARTNERS ARCHITECTS operates under the ownership and management of principal architect Andy Chase.

At any given time our team ranges between 10 and 15 personnel - architects, technicians and support staff - depending on the requisite resources for the projects we are committed to.

We have the confidence that we have the resources to tackle projects of any size.

BURSARIES - We are committed to investing into Namibia and its people, and our bursary scheme which has been in operation for some years has a handful of aspiring architects by providing financial assistance while studying, and employment thereafter, as a stepping stone to a career in the industry


The point of departure in all our commissions, and the focus of our method, is collaborating with our clients and listening effectively to their needs.

Our Ethos stems from Vitruvius, the Roman architect writer and engineer who in 20BC penned the three laws of architecture:

Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas - Firmness, Utility, Delight

As a client of STAUCH + PARTNERS, your requirements and aspirations are important and your relationship with us a priority.

Through this client architect dialogue, we develop appropriate and innovative design solutions for each project in response to the specific needs of each individual commission and client

In partnering with STAUCH + PARTNERS ARCHITECTS you will become an integral part of a design team which is focused, personal and professional.

You can expect innovation, integrity and commitment

"solutions - by design"